Driving the Outlander

The all-new Outlander has an advanced 4-wheel drive system called S-AWC. It not only supports your driving style, it also means you can go anywhere. Taking the same path as everyone else? That’s out.


Outstanding stability from 4WD technology

Whether you’re driving on road or off, you’ll feel reassured knowing the S-AWC system is there to make every journey safer. This permanent four-wheel drive electronically controls the driving and braking force to each wheel. By seamlessly controlling vehicle movements during accelerating, cornering and braking, handling and stability is improved dramatically.


Longitudinal Torque Distribution

This part of S-AWC optimizes torque distribution between the front and rear wheels. It utilizes the tyre friction force to create greater traction and to improve cornering performance.


Lateral Torque Vectoring

By controlling the power difference of the brakes on left and right wheels, it increases drive torque on the outer side of the wheels and decreases it on the inner side when turning. It helps the vehicle change direction smoothly and improves cornering performance.


4-Wheel Brake Control

This part of S-AWC regulates the brakes on all four wheels to prevent the wheels from slipping.

Greater confidence on any road surface


During everyday driving, you’ll face a lot of different and sometimes hazardous road surfaces. The all-new Outlander offers six different drive modes, each designed for a specific road condition. Just rotate the dial until the mode you want appears in the Multi-Information Display. They are there to provide you with greater confidence on any road surface


The safe way to tackle steep slopes

Negotiating a tricky slope? Use Hill Descent Control. This system automatically applies the brakes to maintain your current speed (2-20km/h), allowing you to focus your attention on steering, without having to re-apply the brakes all the time.


Better handling and comfort

The all-new Mitsubishi Outlander offers you better handling and greater comfort. The suspension has been improved with lightweight high-rigidity aluminium knuckles at the front and rear.


An impressive performance all round

The new engineoffers better acceleration, better fuel economy and lower emissions. Acceleration is improved by the direct injection system and a variable tumble control valve. Fuel economy andclean emissions have been pushed to the highest levels with advanced technologies, such as an electronically operated Valve Timing Control (VVT) systemand cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR).


Stronger acceleration. Smoother cruising

The all-new Outlander offers smoother cruising and strong acceleration whenever you need it. This is because the engine is paired with advanced Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) that has 8-speed sport mode and step-shift control that automatically adjusts in response to changing road conditions.


Impressive 2,000lb towing ability

The all-new Outlander has a towing capacity of 2,000 lbs SAE (with brake) 907kg. So, if you’re planning some off-road adventures or weekend fun and you want to haul a caravan or a quad bike trailer, you’re good to go. It also has Trailer Stability Assist. If swaying motion is detected, the system automatically controls engine power and braking force to each wheel to stabilize both the Outlander and your trailer.


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