Venture further out with the redesigned XPANDER CROSS





Powerful capability in any situation

The XPANDER CROSS is a new breed of crossover. At its heart is an MPV with a large, welcoming interior, the body of an SUV, and rugged go-anywhere features.


SUV features from every angle

The XPANDER CROSS is full of SUV touches – high ground clearance, alloy wheels and solid looks that says it’s ready to take on the world.


An interior space, ready to welcome you

Our interior design philosophy was to create a calm, welcoming space with a high level of comfort. Discover what we’ve done to make every journey more serene.


The performance you desire. The safety you need

The XPANDER CROSS has physical safety features and driver-assist safety systems, to offer you protection on every journey.


Smart storage solutions

The redesigned XPANDER CROSS is full of useful touches, such as a USB charging outlet and plenty of storage, so, it’s ready for maximum enjoyment and fun.

Base Plus
  • 1.5L Unleaded
  • 2WD Automatic
  • 4AT(F4AWB)
  • DOHC 4 Valve
From KWD 6,099
Key features
    High Line
    • 1.5L Unleaded
    • 2WD Automatic
    • 4AT(F4AWB)
    • DOHC 4 Valve
    From KWD 6,399
    Key features
      • Primary specifications
        Side Sill Garnish (Silver)
        High-grade fabric
        Light And Visibility
        Front fog lights bezel (Material black)
        205/55R16 91V + 16-inch alloy wheels
        Lower anchor and tether anchor for ISO-FIX child seat (for 2nd row seats) X2
        Steering Switch Audio
      • Performance
        Battery : 34B19L
        Front wheel brake Disc 15" (VENTI), normal pad, with paint
        Rear wheel brake Drum 9" (LT), with paint
        Power brake booster : Master vac, 10"
        Regulation conformity Exhaust emission regulation : EU-STEP4
        Rear exhaust
        Fuel octane (gasoline) RON 90 & OVER, Unleaded gasoline
        Engine cover
        Engine electrical Alternator : 12V - 95A
        Exhaust emission control : O2 sensor x 2
        Catalytic converter M.C.C (manifold catalytic converter)
        Catalytic converter U.C.C (under-floor catalytic converter)
        Fuel pump : Electrical (in tank)
        Fuel vapor gas control : Canister
        Final drive : 2WD
        Body type : Long body
        Body type : Long body, wide fender
        Regulation conformity Flammability resistance
        Tire pressure monitoring system
        Silence grade - A
        Tail pipe (single)
        Under cover front
        Dual horn
        High ground clearance suspension (front & rear)
        Front suspension Macpherson strut with coil spring, stabilizer
        Rear suspension Torsion beam rigid
        Disc wheel (front & rear) : AL 17X6.5J 5-114.3 46 BRT RNA11
        Disc wheel (spare) : Same as front & rear wheel (STD)
        Tire (front & rear) : 205/55R17 91V
        Tire (spare) : Same as front & rear tire
        Hub cap & wheel cover (front & rear) : AL wheel ornament (ON87)
        Tool set (simple set)
        Tire pressure gauge
        Jack set
        Transmission : F4AWB (4A/T)
        Idling neutral control
        Transmission control Shift lock with key inter lock
        Transmission control 6 position
      • Safety
        A.Y.C (brake)
        Active stability control
        Hill start assist system
        Brake assist system (hydraulic)
        EBD (electronic brake distribution)
        Emergency stop signal function
        Theft protection device Alarm (horn & turn & buzz), with indicator
        Front door with impact bar
        Rear door with impact bar
        Front seat belt 3p belt with ELR x 2, ELR type : G & WEB. Sense, with pretensioner (both side)
        Rear / 2nd seat belt 3p belt with ELR x 3
        3rd seat belt 3p belt with ELR x 2
        Rear/2nd seat CRS Attachment for ISO-FIX (seat x 2), tether anchor (seat x 2)
        Passive restraint system : Airbag (driver, passenger)
      • Light And Visibility
        Auto lighting control type B
        LED headlamp
        Headlamp Beam aiming, right
        Headlamp leveling device
        Headlamp Extension, black
        Front turn lamp on front comb.
        Side turn lamp (clear lens) on door mirror
        Position (clearance) lamp (LED clear)
        Front fog lamp on bumper
        Front fog lamp (LED)
        Welcome light
        Rear fog lamp, on bumper
        Stop & tail lamp on rear comb.
        Rear turnsignal & hazard lamp Clear (lens), on rear comb.
        Back-up lamp on tailgate
        License plate lamp on tailgate
        High-mount stop lamp (LED type) on tailgate
        Reflex reflector on rear bumper (both side)
        Front room lamp (time delay)
        Rear room lamp (time delay)
        Glass color : Green, ceramic print (black)
        Windshield glass : Laminated
        Rear or back or tailgate window glass : Tempered, with hot wire
        Front door window glass : Tempered, green
        Rear door or side window glass : Tempered
        Quarter window glass : Tempered
        Windshield wiper With intermittent (variable), mist wiper, Wiper circuit with braker, wiper blade (flat type)
        Windshield wiper With rain sensor
        Windshield washer (2 nozzle)
        Rear window wiper & washer with intermittent
      • Exterior
        Front bumper (type E)
        Front bumper Color : Color key
        Front bumper With garnish, chrome
        Front bumper With fog lamp bezel, paint A
        Front bumper Under grill (center) : Paint A
        Radiator grille (type E)
        Radiator grille Color : Black type B
        Front air dam extension (black)
        Exterior ornaments Radiator grille (center) : Three-dia mark
        Drip or roof molding (black)
        Roof rail (black, type B)
        Rear bumper (type E)
        Rear bumper Color : Color key
        Rear bumper With garnish, paint
        License plate garnish Type D, color key
        Exterior ornaments Rear ornament (center) : Three-dia mark
        Exterior ornaments Rear ornament (left side) : "XPANDER CROSS" mark type B
        Door sash, black out
        Door outer handle (color key)
        Door lock cylinder (front door, left)
        Belt line molding (bright)
        Side sill garnish, material color (type D)
        Side door garnish, paint
        Wide fender (material color)
        Outside rear view mirror Door mirror, color key (both), elect. r/cont with fold control
      • Interior
        Front seat : Standard type, separate, low back
        Front seat : Reinforced seat
        Driver's seat adjuster : Manual (sli,rec)
        Driver's seat adjuster : Height adjuster
        Assistant seat adjuster : Manual (sli, rec)
        Seat back pocket (driver's seat)
        Seat back pocket B (driver's seat)
        Convenience hook (driver's seat)
        Seat back pocket (assistant seat)
        Seat under tray (assistant seat)
        Front seat headrest : Sewn type, adjustable type (up-down)
        Front door trim Full trim, with cup holder (both side), door pocket (both side)
        Front door trim Formed type with armrest type B
        Front door trim With decorative ornament (paint) type B
        Front door trim material : With PVC insert
        Front door trim material : Power window switch panel (material)
        Front door switch (both side)
        Rear/2nd seat : Split back (4:2:4) & cushion (6:4), folded & tumbled
        Rear/2nd seat adjuster : Sliding & reclining
        Center armrest with cup holder (rear/2nd seat)
        Rear/2nd seat headrest : 2pcs, sewn type, adjustable type (up-down)
        Rear door trim Full trim, with cup holder (both side)
        Rear door trim Formed type with armrest type B
        Rear door trim With decorative ornament (paint) type B
        Rear door trim material : With PVC insert
        Rear door trim material : Power window switch panel (material)
        Rear door switch (both side)
        3rd seat : Separate, fold & stow
        3rd seat adjuster : Folded & reclining
        3rd seat headrest : Sewn type, height adjuster
        Parking brake control : Lever type, release knob (material color)
        Steering : E.P.S (electronic power steering)
        Steering column : Tilt & telesco column
        Column switch Turn switch on left side
        Column switch 2 lever (multi use) type, with lane changer
        Steering gear : Rack & pinion type
        Steering lock
        Steering wheel & horn ring : 4s-leather, A/B (4P2)
        Horn pad ornament : Three-dia mark, chrome plated badge
        Steering switch : Cruise control
        Steering switch : Hands free
        Steering switch : Audio
        Steering switch : Information B
        Steering switch : Voice control
        Styled type shift knob for A/T (PVC)
        Shift indicator panel with illumination
        Tailgate opener (elec.type)
        Fuel lid opener
        Instrument panel type B
        Instrument panel garnish (print) type C
        Instrument panel crash pad : Partial pad
        Floor console Console box with lid
        Floor console Shift lever panel (paint)
        Floor console With ashtray for front passengers
        Floor console Cup holder
        Floor console (front) Multi holder
        Instrument panel center panel : 2DIN type (paint)
        Instrument panel air outlet grille (paint)
        Instrument panel air outlet grille Bright knob
        Combination meter cluster Full display meter
        Analogue speedometer, km/h
        Trip meter LCD (single) type, with fuel consumption
        Fuel gauge
        Low-fuel warning lamp
        Engine coolant temp indicator
        Oil pressure warning lamp
        Charging warning lamp
        Parking brake warning lamp
        Brake fluid level warning lamp
        A.B.S failure indicator
        Headlamp failure indicator
        Center display (MID)
        Airbag indicator
        Upper beam indicator
        Fog lamp indicator
        Speed warning indicator
        Turnsignal & hazard indicator
        Engine check warning
        Seat belt warning lamp (driver & passenger)
        Door & tailgate ajar warning lamp
        ECO indicator
        ECO drive assist indicator
        ECO score indicator
        A/T position indicator
        OD off indicator
        Electric power steering failure indicator
        Lighting monitor
        Ignition key reminder
        Seat belt warning buzzer
        Door ajar buzzer
        Rear defogger switch
        Hazard lamp switch
        Active stability control switch
        Sunvisor (2pcs) Trim material : PVC, Ticket holders (driver side)
        Sunvisor Vanity mirror with lid (passenger side)
        Inside rear view mirror : Day-night & adhesive type
        Door inside handle (bright)
        Inside lock knob (material molded)
        Headlining : Formed type
        Front pillar trim
        Center pillar trim (lower)
        Center pillar trim (upper)
        Rear pillar trim
        Quarter trim : Formed type, with cup holder (both side)
        Cowl side trim
        Scuff plate
        Foot rest
        Floor mats & carpets Material : Needle punch, with heel pad (driver side)
        Trunk & cargo floor mats One piece flat type, material : needle punch
        Luggage floor board
        Cargo floor box
        Front & rear seats Trim material : Fabric F
      • Utility
        Digital audio broadcast radio
        Radio & tape player : W2DIN AM/FM SDA E002C
        4 speaker
        Fin antenna
        Digital audio broadcast antenna
        Cruise control
        Door locking system : NAS,EXP type (driver : 1touch, o/ride)
        Center door lock Key (driver) & center switch (driver) (type J), ignition key reminder (driver), crash detection door lock shut down, keyless entry with 2 transmitters
        Keyless operation system 1button unlock, lock (front door both), handle act unlock, button lock (gate), one touch start system
        Rear door child proof
        Power window (front & rear door) Main switch (driver, auto up & down), with safety system (front driver door)
        Key set : Master key x 2 (with protector x 2), key-code tag
        Assist strap for 3rd seat (2pcs)
        Assist strap (retractable type, 5pcs)
        Switch illumination
        Accessory socket (instrument panel)
        Accessory socket on rear quarter
        Rear view system
        USB port
        A/C (manual, capacity up)
        Air filter
        Refrigerant R134A
        Heater & A/C control : Push button type
        Rear cooler (overhead)
        A/C condenser fan motor : Fan motor idle noise control
      • Others
        Owner's guide & service booklet for G/EXP (English & Arabic)
        VIN plate
        Fuel consumption label for GCC
        Emergency triangle
        Dummy OPC : Extra hot zone
        Service circuit for NAVI
        Service circuit for corner sensor

      For full details and specifications, please download the brochure.

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