Electric technology. It’s in our DNA


Electric past, present and future

We believe a more vibrant society can be created through mobility. In other words, the more efficient ways we have of getting around, the better we’ll all be. That’s why we started our development into electric vehicle (EV) technology way back in 1970.

We are pioneers in vehicle electrification

In 2009, we launched the i-MiEV, the first ever mass-produced electric vehicle. More recently, we’ve been developing plug-in hybrid technology. A hybrid electric vehicle uses both a petrol engine and an internal battery as its main sources of power. But a Plug-in Hybrid EV (PHEV) has a battery which can be recharged from the mains. Our research and development in this area resulted in the 2013 launch of the OUTLANDER PHEV. In 2017 we introduced the e-Evolution concept car, which shows we’re already thinking about the future.


See what the future holds

We've been pioneers for over 100 years, it's part of our DNA. So too is the need to innovate. This means we'll continue to develop greener, more sustainable vehicles which offer greater protection and make driving fun and pleasurable. Just like our e-EVOLUTION concept car.

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