Genuine Parts

5 Reasons to Buy Genuine Parts

  1. Fix it Right, First Time — Genuine parts optimal accuracy in its Design and Production can fix the part easily into your vehicle and can shorten the installation time in the workshop. This will save your money on labor.
  2. Many good Quality " Non-Original" parts may look like same, but mostly these parts fail to match Original Vehicle Specifications & standards. These parts are having less life span and you need to replace it quickly due to quick wear and Tear.
  3. By Fixing Genuine parts, Your vehicle can have more life time and better performance for longer time as Genuine parts are tested thoroughly for its standards
  4. Most of the "Non-Original" parts omit many vital components during its production to cut down the cost. These are not durable like our Genuine parts
  5. Genuine parts bought from our spare parts counters, fitted in any of Al MuIla Service Garages are covered by Manufacturer's Warranty for its material defects.
  6. Don't Sell! Don't Buy! : We at Maseelah Trading Company WLL is dedicated to prevent people Sell or Buy 'Counterfeit" parts. In order to help us, We would request you to please inform us , incase you doubt someone is selling "counterfeit" parts which look-like Genuine.