Base Line
From KWD 8,299
    Full Option
    From KWD 11,899
      Mid line
      From KWD 9,699
        Base plus line
        From KWD 8,799
          Mid plus line
          From KWD 10,399
            Full Option
            From KWD 12,299
              • Performance
                Battery : L3 EFB
                Parking brake : Rear wheel braking
                Parking brake control : Electric parking brake
                Front wheel brake : Disc 17" (venti)
                Front wheel brake : Anti-corrosion paint
                Front wheel brake : Brake pad (normal pad)
                Rear wheel brake : Disc 16"
                Rear wheel brake : Anti-corrosion paint
                Brake & clutch pedals (normal pedal)
                Power brake booster : Master vac
                Engine PR25DD (2.5L) D4 DI
                Engine coolant : Standard
                Engine power : Standard power or middle power
                Fuel Gasoline (RON 90 & OVER)
                Air cleaner
                Air cleaner element : no woven cloth made
                Air flow sensor
                Engine electrical : Generation control
                Engine emission device Catalytic converter : F.C.C + U.C.C
                Engine emission device E.G.R system
                Engine oil cooler (air cooled)
                Engine cooling system Radiator (type A)
                Engine cooling system A/C condenser
                Engine cooling system Fan & motor (two fan type)
                Terrain control (type A)
                Front towing hook
                Rear towing hook
                Front tie down hook
                Rear tie down hook
                Body general Anti-corrosion : 12 years anti-corrosion
                Towing bar provision
                Roof Material : Steel
                Anti-corrosion (tank)
                Fuel filler type : Cap less type
                Anti-corrosion (filler neck)
                Fuel pump type : Electrical in tank
                Anti-corrosion (fuel pump)
                Fuel vapor gas control : Canister (type A)
                Tail pipe (single)
                Regulation conformity Exhaust emission regulation EURO6B
                Traction control
                Silence grade (type A)
                Under cover front (type B)
                Under cover center (type A)
                Heat protector panel (type A)
                Front fender : Material (resin)
                Dual horn : Reinforced type
                Front & rear suspension (type A)
                Front shock absorber (type A)
                Rear shock absorber (type A)
                Front suspension Macpherson strut with coil spring, Stabilizer
                Rear suspension Multi link, Stabilizer
                Disc wheel (front & rear) Al 18x7.5j 5-114.3 35 SIL DGA1
                Disc wheel (spare) : ST 4.0T-18 YEL
                Tire (front & rear) 235/60R18 103H
                Tire (spare) : T155/90D18
                Hub cap & wheel cover (front & rear) Al wheel ornament (ON57)
                Tire pressure monitoring system
                Tool set : Simple set
                Jack set
                ATF warmer
                2WD (front axle drive)
                Transmission FK25 (CVT)
                Transmission Sport mode
              • Safety
                Hill start assist system
                Hill descent control
                Brake auto hold
                Brake assist system
                EBD (electric brake distribution)
                Brake override system
                Active stability control
                Front bumper beam (type A)
                Rear bumper beam (type A)
                Front seat belt 3p belt with ELR (driver & passenger)
                Front seat belt Pretensioner : Double (driver & passenger)
                Front seat belt Force limitter (driver & passenger)
                Front seat belt Belt anchor (adjustable)
                Rear/2nd seat belt 3p belt with ELR (both side & center)
                Rear/2nd seat belt Pretensioner : Single (both side)
                Rear/2nd seat belt Force limitter : Both side
                Child restraint Rear/2nd tether anchor (Seat x 2)
                Child restraint Rear/2nd CRS for ISO-FIX
                Regulation conformity Passive restraint system Airbag (driver, passenger, side, curtain : 1 & 2, knee:D)
              • Light And Visibility
                Headlamp (LED) : Type A
                Headlamp leveling device (manual)
                Daytime running light
                Front turn lamp (LED)
                Side turn lamp on door mirror (LED)
                Position (clearance) lamp (LED)
                Reflex reflector
                Rear combination lamp (type A)
                Rear combination lamp Stop lamp (LED)
                Rear combination lamp Tail lamp (LED)
                Rear combination lamp Rear turn lamp (bulb)
                Rear combination lamp Back-up lamp (bulb)
                License plate lamp (LED)
                High-mount stop lamp on rear spoiler (LED)
                Rear/2nd room lamp (bulb)
                Vanity lamp (Bulb)
                Luggage room lamp (Bulb)
                Cargo lamp(tail gate) (Bulb)
                Front map lamp (Bulb)
                Windshield glass : UV cut glass
                Windshield glass : Soundproof
                Rear or back or tailgate window glass : Tempered
                Hot wire with timer
                Front door window glass (Laminated)
                Front door window glass : Soundproof
                Rear door or side window glass : Tempered
                Quarter window glass : Tempered
                Quarter window glass operation : Fixed
                Splash shield (standard)
                Inside rear view mirror : Standard type
                Outside rear view mirror (type A) Color : Paint
                Outside rear view mirror Fold type : Manual Mirror control : Electric
                Outside rear view mirror Mirror surface : Convex (driver side)
                Outside rear view mirror Mirror surface : Convex (passenger side)
                Windshield wiper : 2-speed with intermittent
                Wiper circuit with breaker
                Wiper arm (tandem type)
                Wiper blade (flat type)
                Windshield washer (nozzle type)
                Rear window wiper & washer 1-speed with intermittent (reverse position sensing)
              • Exterior
                Front end : Black
                Front bumper (type A)
                Radiator grille (type A) Color : Paint
                Radiator grille Grille shutter
                Delta garnish (front) (material)
                License plate garnish on front bumper (material)
                Exterior ornaments Front panel (center) : Three-dia mark
                Body color : Mono tone body color
                Roof Carrier Provision
                Tailgate garnish (paint)
                Rear bumper (type A)
                Tailgate (manual)
                Tailgate material : Steel
                Hood material : Aluminum
                Rear spoiler
                Exterior ornaments Rear ornament (center) : Three-dia mark
                Exterior ornaments Rear ornament (left side) : "OUTLANDER" mark
                Door outer handle (paint)
                Lock cylinder (front, driver)
                Wheel cut moulding (material)
                Drip or roof moulding (material)
                Belt line moulding (bright)
                Side fin garnish (paint)
                A-pillar garnish (paint)
                B-pillar garnish (material)
                C-pillar garnish (material)
                D-pillar garnish (paint)
                B-pillar : Black
                Door sash : Black
                Wheelhouse : Black
                Front door Material : Steel
                Rear door Hinge type (both), Material : Steel
                Side sill garnish : Material type A
                Side door garnish (material)
              • Interior
                Driver's seat Seat adjuster : Manual (sli, rec, dht) + power (lum)
                Driver's seat Seat back pocket
                Driver's seat Seat back pocket (for mobile)
                Passenger seat Seat adjuster : Manual (sli, rec)
                Passenger seat Seat back pocket
                Passenger seat Seat back pocket (for mobile)
                Front seat headrest : Separate
                Front seat headrest Adjuster : Height
                Rear/2nd seat Separate (4 : 2 : 4)
                Rear/2nd seat Store type : One-touch fold
                Rear/2nd seat Seat adjuster : Manual (rec)
                Rear/2nd seat Armrest (center with cup holder)
                Rear/2nd seat headrest : Separate - 3pcs
                Rear/2nd seat headrest Adjuster : Fixed
                Power steering type E.P.S (electric power steering)
                Steering gear type : Rack & pinion type
                Steering wheel & horn ring : 4s-urethane A/B (5A2)
                Steering switch : Hands free
                Steering switch : Audio
                Steering switch : Information (type A)
                Steering switch : Voice control
                Tilt & telesco column
                Accel pedal (normal pedal)
                Gearshift control type : Electrical control type
                Shift position type : 4 position ("M" range) + parking lock switch
                Shift lock with key inter lock
                Shift knob : Urethane type A
                Paddle shift (type A)
                Shift indicator illumination (type A)
                Shift position indicator
                Combination meter cluster (Type A)
                High contrast meter
                Information display (Color LCD)
                Analogue speedometer (km/h)
                Trip meter
                Oil level warning lamp
                ECO indicator
                ECO drive assist indicator
                Seat belt reminder (all seats)
                Reverse buzzer
                Door ajar buzzer
                Switch illumination
                Column switch (turn switch on left side)
                Rheostat switch
                Active stability control switch
                Instrument panel (type A)
                Instrument panel Decorative ornament (paint type A)
                Sunvisor : 2pcs Trim material : PVC
                Glovebox (with damper & lamp)
                Floor console (type A)
                Floor console Decorative ornament (paint type A)
                Floor console Knee pad (PVC leather type A)
                Shift lever panel (paint type B)
                Console box with lid (PVC type B) Lid type : Standard
                Console box mat
                Console box tray
                Cup holder for front (2pcs)
                Instrument panel air outlet grille Color : Paint, Knob : Bright
                Door inside handle (bright)
                Key set : Master key x 2 (without protect.)
                Lock cylinder & key : MITSUBISHI mark
                Headlining : Formed type
                Headlining Sound insulation
                Headlining Trim material : Knit
                Front door trim Type : Formed type
                Front door trim Armrest : PVC leather type A
                Front door trim Decorative ornament : Paint type A
                Front door trim Insert : Cloth type A
                Front door trim Power window switch panel (paint type A)
                Front door trim Door pocket (2pcs)
                Front door trim Bottle Holder (2pcs)
                Rear door trim Type : Formed type
                Rear door trim Armrest : PVC leather type A
                Rear door trim Decorative ornament : Paint type A
                Rear door trim Insert : Cloth type A
                Rear door trim Power window switch panel (paint type A)
                Rear door trim Door pocket (2pcs)
                Rear door trim Bottle Holder (2pcs)
                Tailgate trim : Formed type
                Front pillar trim : Formed
                Center pillar trim (lower) : Formed
                Center pillar trim (upper) : Formed
                Rear pillar trim Quarter trim : Formed type
                Rear pillar trim Pocket
                Rear pillar trim Hook
                Rear pillar trim Cup holder
                Rear pillar trim One touch fold lever
                Floor box - center
                Floor box lid
                Cowl side trim
                Floor mats & carpets Material : Needle punch
                Hook for floor mat (driver)
                Trunk & cargo floor mats Material : Needle punch
                Front & rear seats Trim material : Fabric A
                Front & rear seats : Anti-soil
                Front seat : Separate A
              • Utility
                Uniq AM/FM SDA X002C
                6 speaker
                Fin antenna
                Center display : SDA disp (8", touch)
                Hands free
                Voice control
                Composite adapter (USB:2)
                Door locking system : NAS, EXP type (driver : 1touch, all : o/ride)
                Center door lock Center switch (driver) (type O)
                Auto door lock by speed sensing
                Crash detection door unlock
                Door locking system Child proof
                Keyless entry system Multi mode keyless entry
                Locking system Transmitter (2pcs)
                Locking system Transmitter switch (Lock, unlock)
                Keyless operation system One touch start system
                Tailgate locking system Tailgate opener : Elec.Type
                Fuel filler lid locking system Fuel lid opener : Elec.type
                Window regulator Front door : Power
                Window regulator Rear door : Power
                Power window main switch Driver, one touch up & down with safety
                Power window sub switch Up & down
                Power window : Key-off timer
                Power window switch color (paint)
                Window regulator : switch illumination (all windows)
                Ashtray (Front) : Can type for cup holder
                Assist grip for front seat Retractable type 2pcs (driver/passenger)
                Assist grip for rear & 2nd seat Retractable type 2pcs
                Coat hanger (rear, 2pcs)
                Tailgate grip
                Cargo room hook (4pcs)
                Sunglass holder
                Vanity mirror with lid & ticketholder (driver's sunvisor)
                Vanity mirror with lid & ticketholder (passenger's sunvisor)
                Scuff plate (front, type A)
                Scuff plate (rear, type A)
                Foot rest (resin type)
                Cigar lighter
                DC accessory socket (rear quarter) (ACC on type)
                Front air conditioning : A/C (dual auto)
                A/C capacity up
                Air filter (Standard)
                Refrigerant (R134A)
                Air distribution Center outlet
                Air distribution Side outlet
                Air distribution Rear console outlet
                Air distribution Foot duct
                Air distribution Rear seat heater duct
                Air distribution Defroster
                Air distribution Side defroster
                Heater & A/C control (type A)
              • Others
                Owner's guide & service booklet For G/EXP (ENGLISH & ARABIC)
                Vehicle data plate & caution labels VIN plate for GCC
                Certification plate
                Unleaded fuel label
                Fuel consumption label for GCC
                Service circuit For front fog lamp
                Service circuit For interior illumination
                Relays - time & alarm control Headlamp auto cut
                Relays - time & alarm control Roomlamp auto cut
                Relays - time & alarm control Comfort flasher
                Relays - time & alarm control Welcome light
                Relays - time & alarm control Coming home light
                Relays - time & alarm control ACC battery auto cut