If your Mitsubishi is outside of the warranty period, your vehicle qualifies for Value Servicing regardless of mileage. It's an affordable, worry-free way to care for your Mitsubishi. We offer two memberships of Value Servicing - Al Mulla Care Service Package & Heritage Program.

You can purchase a service package under separate payment terms, even after buying a vehicle.

Our customers receive clearly defined services with transparent benefits:


By purchasing a service package, the customer will pay up-to 20% less for the scheduled maintenance operations compared to the normal retail price.


Service packages give our customers the opportunity to know exactly how much the maintenance of their vehicle will cost over the next years.

Fixed costs

Our customers can fix their maintenance costs in advance so they don’t have to worry about inflation of prices in the future.

Increased vehicle resale value

The service package purchase pays off from the first until the last day. When the customer decides to sell his vehicle, Al Mulla Motors Service Package will help him get a better price

  • Full service history and complete maintenance guaranteed by Al Mulla Motors for the next owner.
  • Included services performed by properly trained Al Mulla Motors technicians.
  • Only MMC Genuine Parts used.


Service Packages are tied to the individual vehicle: when a vehicle is sold, the remaining services are transferred to the new owner.