From its distinctive front grille and appealing headlamps, to its sporty wheels and chrome-accented rear, the Attrage has the kind of looks that conveys quality and style wherever you go.

Sculpted Body Shape

A more refined style

Thanks to the smoothly sculpted face and computer generated aerodynamic shape, the Attrage offers outstanding fuel economy and enhanced performance, whether you're tackling the city streets, motorways or winding country roads.

Keyless Entry

No need to reach for your keys

Sensors in the car detect when the key is close by, whether it’s in your pocket or a bag. So all you need to do is press a button on the outside of the front doors or the boot to unlock them. So no more fumbling for your keys if you're in a bit of a rush.

Headlamp auto off function

A light to guide you

The headlights will stay on for a bit longer after you leave the car. So you never need to worry about dropping your front door keys again.

Electric Adjustable Mirrors

Better to be safe than sorry

Avoid accidental damage on those narrow city streets or move the mirror to suit your seating position, with electric adjustable mirrors that can be folded inwards with a touch of a button.

Front Fog Lamps

Enhancing your visibility

When visibility is poor the chrome bevelled fog lights make it easier for you to see, by brightening up the road to enhance your view, and make your saloon seen.

Automatic wipers with rain sensors

Keep your field of vision clear

Sensors detect the amount of rain and automatically turn on the windscreen wipers as needed. Which means you can stay focused on the road ahead.


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