Accident Repair Guide

These tips are given in an attempt to minimize your inconvenience in the event of an unfortunate accident. Only AlMulla Motors able to return your damaged vehicle to factory specifications with a guarantee thanks to our skilled and trained technicians’ who use manufacturer recommended repair procedures, genuine parts and approved materials, thus ensuring your continued safety and your vehicles’ durability and resale value.

Steps to be followed in the event of an accident are:

  • Obtain an accident report and a repair letter
  • Report the accident to your insurance company
  • Proceed to an Al Mulla service center to request an estimate.
  • Authorize repairs, an insurance company accessor will need to inspect the damage. If the vehicle is with you, please make a mutual appointment with the insurance company and bring the vehicle to Al Mulla service center at the agreed time.
  • Before commencing repairs, Al Mulla service center requires a purchase order (LPO) from your insurance company quoting the claim
  • To release the vehicle on completion, please bring a release letter from your insurance company.


  • We will advise you of a completion date, which is subject to any additional work being found necessary once the vehicle is dismantled. Please understand that our customer in this instance is the insurance company who is paying for the repair and accordingly it is they who should authorize which parts will be repaired or replaced.
  • Please note that above guidelines and requirements are subject to change from time to time without any advance notice and adherence to such changes in requirements will be the responsibility of the customer